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We know the manufacutrers in different countries like TURKEY, EUROPE, IRAN, RUSSIA, EGYPT, ALGERIA, TUNISIA, MOROCCO, GREECE, UKRAIN, MOLDOVA, CHINA, AND MANY OTHER COUNTRIES. So if you need to find the aluminium aerosol can manufacturers or metal , please contact us. And also if you need bag on valve or standar aerosol valve manufacturers please contact us. Company began the production of aerosol containers in 1986 and over the time has became one of Europe's leading manufacturers. manufacturer's product specifications for aerosol containers are implemented in compliance with globally recognized standards. manufacturer has proven its quality building on the international scale know-how and experience. Printing on aerosol cans, are carried out with the state-of-the-art transfer and surface preparation systems integrated into the production line. Our entire production is tested to be 100% leak-proof.

Airly Bottle Valve Sealing Machine

Seals any kind of bottle valves with the help of foot command. Works With air pressure Working Pressure 6 kg. / cm3 Maximum Production Capacity 15 Ad. / min. Air Consumption 30 Litre / min. Depth 45 cm. Width 30 cm. Height 70 cm. Weight 25 kg..

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Semi Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

Automatic filling of glasses and hard plastics without any gram adjustments requining.depth 50cm. width 50cm. height 80cm. weight 40kg. .

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Semi Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine , Full automatic rotary filling machines manufacturers

we could help you the best aerosol can manufacturers companies and spray can manufacturers in IRAN, RUSSIA, ALGERIA, EGYPT, TUNISIA, BELGRAD, MOROCCO, EUROPE, UK, Filling of with single cylinder. Capable of closing valve and filling gas at the same time.Working Pressure 8 kg. / cm3 Maximum Production Capasity 25 Ad. / dak. Maximum Filling Capasity 400 cm3 Air Consumption 400 L / dak. Depth 50 cm. Width 35 cm. Height 130 cm. Weight 65 kg..

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