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Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Our machine which is made up of filling and closing units, is designed for all kinds of liquid products This machine works with hydraulic and PLC system; Filling Volume 200-1300 ml Filling Capasity 2000-3000 Ad/Sa Filling Accuracy +- %3 ml Control PLC Lenght 900 cm Width 250 cm Hight 180 cm .

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Airly Bottle Valve Sealing Machine

Seals any kind of bottle valves with the help of foot command. Works With air pressure Working Pressure 6 kg. / cm3 Maximum Production Capacity 15 Ad. / min. Air Consumption 30 Litre / min. Depth 45 cm. Width 30 cm. Height 70 cm. Weight 25 kg..

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Semi Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

Automatic filling of glasses and hard plastics without any gram adjustments requining.depth 50cm. width 50cm. height 80cm. weight 40kg. .

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Semi Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

Filling of with single cylinder. Capable of closing valve and filling gas at the same time.Working Pressure 8 kg. / cm3 Maximum Production Capasity 25 Ad. / dak. Maximum Filling Capasity 400 cm3 Air Consumption 400 L / dak. Depth 50 cm. Width 35 cm. Height 130 cm. Weight 65 kg..

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Full Automatic Horizantal Sachet Filling and Packaging Machine

Full Automatic Horizantal Bag Filling and Packaging Machine.

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Technical Features
Machine type : ERPAK YRV
Sachet type : 3 or 4 side sealed
Products to be packaged : Powdered soup, spices, milk powder, coffee etc powder or powdered products
Bag sizes : Min 100mm X 100mm(h), Max: 130mmX160mm(h)
Filling capacity : min. 40gr- max 100-150gr.( max gr in a bag depends on specific gravity of powders and max sachet sizes)
Machine speed : 55-65sachets/minute
Electric Installation : 3kW/h 380volt 50hz
Air consumption : 300 lt/minute
Dimension of Machine : 333cm X 105cm X 260cm (high).
Weight of machine : 800kg
Packing material : laminated paper and aluminum folio+PE

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Diaphragm fillers:
Diaphragm fillers are like in principle to piston fillers. Instead of the rigid piston and cylinder a diaphragm filler has a flexible diaphragm hat distorts to adjust its volume.
The operation of a diapragm filler is straightforward. The valve at he bottom of the supply tank is opened and the valve to empty container is closed.Air pressure in the supply tank forces the product out of tanck and into the measuring chamber. The top of the chamber is formed by th diaphragm with a plunger above. As product flows into the chamber, the diaphragm and the plunger are lifted. When the plunger reaches a preset position the valve are reversed and air pressure is applied to he top of plugger forcing the product out of the chamber and into container. The filled container is then conveyed away and replaced by another empty container and the proces cyle repeats again and again.